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Cage Titans 38: Jacobo Apito Compares Fighting Mitch Raposo To Coaching His Kids Class

April 27, 2018 Shaun GIlday

Cage Titans' Amateur bantamweight champion Jacobo Apito chuckles at the thought of fighting the promotions' amateur flyweight champ Mitch Raposo, comparing fighting him to coaching a kids wrestling class.

Cage Titans 38: Jacobo Apito says he's after Chris O'Briens beard and title

April 27, 2018 Shaun Gilday

Check out Current Cage Titans Amateur bantamweight champion Jacobo Apito explain how he wants to leapfrog the featherweight division and go straight after Chris "The Bearded Dragon" O'Brien lightweight title and his beard.

Jacobo Apito Cage Titans 38, Post-Fight Interview

April 18,2018 East Coast MMA

The newest Amateur Cage Titans Bantamweight Champion spoke with EC MMA News, following an incredible back and forth championship bout. Apito defeated Will Smith at Cage Titans 38 this past weekend to capture the promotions Am. Bantamweight title. He talks about the fight, what is next, and more!

Cage Titans 34 Post fight - J. Apito "He tried to strangle me but I am strangle proof"

June 20, 2017  Shaun Gilday
At Cage Titans 34 their amateur Flyweight Title changed hands as J. Apito (3-2-1, Redline) was able to out strike Josh Meehan (4-1, Juniko) to win by unanimous decision. Quick results, Numbers At A Glance, and our post fight awards...

Cage Titans 34: Sfroza vs. Ellis // Numbers At A Glance & Quick Results – The Two KO Winners Earned Performances Of The Night Nods

June 18, 2017  CSNationStaff
Ultimately it was the extremely competitive amateur flyweight title bout between champion Josh Meehan and J. Apito that we chose as ‘fight of the night’. Early in the bout we saw a lot of energy and aggression by the champion, while his opponent was very calm and composed throughout the bout... Apito wasted very little energy by being accurate with his strikes and explosive at just the right times. In the 4th and 5th round Meehan was swinging big looping punches out of exhaustion, while Apito was landing more and more on the slowed champion, mixing up a strong variety of punch and kicking combinations. Apito's efforts earned him the title and victory over a fighter who was thought to be in the top 3 of the region.
*Fight of the night: Josh Meehan and J. Apito


 August 30, 2016  Shaun Gilday–

At Cage Titans FC 30 amateur flyweight J. Apito (2-2-1) of Redline Fight Sports came away with the ref stoppage due to strikes in round 3 over Tim Hagan (1-1).

“I kinda just fight because I enjoy it…meet new people, exchange techniques in a kind of brutal way.”


Cage Titans 30 Event Review

 August 29, 2016  Mike Hammersmith

"The pair traded jabs to start the fight, both getting their hands loose before cutting into each other with low kicks. A left hook from Apito landed clean, going high with a question mark kick and mid kick. A two piece landed for Apito and a spinning heel kick to the body, Hagan eating harm and coming forward with ripping shots of his own, trying to deal with the longer fighter’s use of reach. Apito landed a front kick to the body and another spinning heel kick that sent Hagan flying flat on his back; wind knocked out of his sails and Apito swarming to attack on the mat."